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What Is Self-Love? Michele’s Thoughts

What is self love?? I’m glad you asked the question.

Honestly, My mind is weary so I had to look it up:

Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Self-love means not settling for less than you deserve.

That was a hard concept to learn growing up. I’m sure many of you can relate. Words like, you’re not wanted, I never wanted you in the first place, you don’t deserve it, you’re worthless etc. you know the drill.
They pack a wallop and leave scars that at first feel like they will never heal. Then you throw in being taken advantage of physically and your well being gets smaller and smaller as if you become almost invisible. You let their words and actions speak louder than your heart. In your heart you know there’s got to be a better way,
Please let there be a better way.
Your path is laden with pot holes that you keep falling into until one day it’s possible: you start only tripping over the holes, then you start walking around the holes and finally you realize it’s time to take a whole new path.
Some people find it on their own, some through a spiritual connection. I found my path to freedom through my hope and faith in God.
My ex husband said let’s go to your friends church “ one day.
You’ll never guess what the sermon was about? Dysfunctional relationships /Abusive relationships. The minister asked anyone who had been a victim of a form of abuse as well as anyone who had been a perpetrator to come forward for prayer. Everyone, including me, went forward except for one man.
Yup, you guessed it. my ex
For me seeing over a hundred plus people go forward spoke volumes and I began to talk to the pastors’ wife and others. They gave me books to read and said they were praying for me.
Long story short, within a short time I was placed in a safe house with my daughter. He eventually found us, somehow and at the very moment he pulled in, the pastor of the church did too. That was the first true day to my journey towards freedom. He argued with the minister and the minister fired right back at him. So he went away more or less. Fortunately Through the love and counsel I received, I began to know that unconditional love was possible and the first person I needed to forgive and love was myself.
I found a home at the local motel where they let me live in exchange for housekeeping work.
Eventually I learned to care for myself enough to try front desk work then was promoted to manager then on and on toward finding my freedom.
Today through special funding via NH Community Loan Fund, I now own a very modest Mobile home and I share it with my family.
I’m blessed to work close by and have a peace that I always knew in my heart of hearts was out there.
I’m so very thankful for my freedom and for those that have been a stepping stone along the path to get here. I’m convinced that I’m definitely not done going forward and that God continues to have an awesome plan for my life.
Take heart dear ones, your path to freedom is near at hand. Take your first step. Learn to love yourself, step out !!! YOU are so worth it.
Happy February ❤️💕🌸🎈👏🏻🎶🤩🎉🎊😍🤗🥰😘❤️🎈

Feel free to connect @ jeshuaschild@gmail.com

Or call the 24 hour Domestic Trauma hotline 1-800-774-0544


Thank you, Michele, for sharing this with us, and being so willing to help others.



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