#DomesticViolenceAwareness, Domestic Violence

Stand Up to Domestic Violence Dedication

The Stand Up to Domestic Violence Project is dedicated to:

Chrystal Lewis

With brave wings she flies

I never had the honor of meeting Chrystal, but I have heard so many stories about her. When I heard about what happened to her, my PTSD was instantly triggered, as it is every time a horrific act happens. It brings back all of the fear, and the memories. It makes my heart drop as I grieve for someone I don’t even know, because I know it could have been me. I am familiar with the fear, and of the unknown. I am familiar with the secrets, and the ugly truth about domestic violence. In those moments, I think about all that she lost, and I think about all the people who lost her. I am angry, sad, terrified, heartbroken, and left questioning.

Domestic Violence can happen to anyone. Beautiful, successful, intelligent, it doesn’t discriminate.

Because of all of the love I have felt as people who knew and love Chrystal, I knew this project had to be dedicated to her. I knew, from the stories I have heard, she would have spoken out for others. I know people who have not met her, need to see her face, and hear her name, they need to see the love that she radiates.

I can’t take the pain away. I can’t change what happened. But, I will speak my truth, and help others speak theirs to bring awareness. Domestic Violence will not remain in the dark on my watch, on our watch. Together, and with Chrystal, we will be the change. We will say uncomfortable things, and share the secrets we hold to help others. There is strength in numbers, and we are powerful.


2 thoughts on “Stand Up to Domestic Violence Dedication”

  1. Bless you for this.
    I’m so thankful for you Jessica and for all who have gone before us and for those who walk beside us on this journey.
    My tears are for you our precious Chrystal and for what each word of this wonderful script means to all of us today.
    Finding our voice, means more will discover theirs. A torch that lights our Pathway to Freedom.


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