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Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Amy R’s Story

“So I met my husband after the death of my children’s father he came at the perfect time or so I thought. We dated and eventually married. I became pregnant shortly after we started dating it resulted in a miscarriage at 4 1/2 months along due to a fight between us. From there the man I knew and had loved turned into a life of abuse and living hell. I had 2 beautiful daughters we wanted and needed to fit somewhere after losing their father. I spent over 10 years with this man married I can remember every argument that lead to cops being called that lead to emergency room visits that made my kids afraid. We moved several times to get away from the area where he would become well known for his abuse. Taking me from family and friends every time. My children became witness to everything. I had 2 children eventually with my husband hoping to make him happy hoping the abuse would stop where it only became worse and more frequent. My husband was facing 41 years at one point. He served 8 months and got out his sweet talking and pleas made me go back. It was only when he came to my apartment one night even with a restraining order in effect that the final night of abuse and torture happened. He came in cut all phone lines broke computers took batteries in cell phones and kept me and our then 5 year old hostage all night was beaten abused and sexually assaulted all with her made to watch it happen it felt like days for those long 12 hours. Our son came home to find me on the floor covered in blood head to toe and called the police on his father. He was arrested finally held without bail I suffered many severe injuries I have broken bones in my forehead nerve damage in my eyes but I am alive I have raised my children we have healed. He served 5 years after pleading guilty even in the time in jail he violated restraining orders with letters I didn’t give up this was it. I was out of a terrible marriage. If not for my son coming home and finding me I don’t believe I’d be here today. 10 years later I’m living life with my 4 amazing children and my 3 beautiful grandchildren life is absolutely wonderful he didn’t break me he made me who I am today. I’m so happy I love my life now.

I am a survivor.”

Photo Courtesy of: Jourdan Buck Photography

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your story. I am so happy to hear you are enjoying your life.

You are brave.

You strong.

You are important.