Missing You

The years race by, speeding out of control.

It’s been too long since I’ve seen you, heard you, smelled you, felt the warmth of your embrace.

The thought of never is intolerable.

How can it be, that the distance between us is immeasurable?

Everyday, I depended on you to listen to my troubles, share in my joy, sit in my sorrow.

And now, I have to trust that you are there.

I have to hope you can hear my silent tears.

My strength came from you, and is tested each day without you.

Lost in the world, stumbling through until tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day too.

How much longer can it be?

Can anyone hear me?

I don’t think they are listening, or they just don’t understand.

Loneliness overwhelms the empty spaces.

How could one person matter so much?

Oh, but how could they not?

Love is limitless.

When there are limits, it is not love.

The true test.

I miss you every day, a little more than yesterday.

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